Matriculated Students Are No Longer Allowed To Write JAMB From 2017

Matriculated Students Are No Longer Allowed To Write JAMB From 2017 either for change of course or change of institutions.

As we are all withnessing the new development in JAMB, the board PRO yesterday made it know to the public that, all matriculated students in any university/Polytechnic/College of education  are no longer allowed to write JAMB.

Ever before now, students who had already gained admission and decided to change their course or institution do obtain another JAMB form and apply while they are still students in a paticular institution.

Most of the reason why higher institution students still write JAMB are:

  1. To Change Courses: Many of the students who are not satified with the courses offered them for admission due find it necessary to apply again for JAMB while they are already matriculated in one institution.For instance, you are studying Chemistry while you want to study Medicine. Many students do obtain another JAMB to seek for admission in the area of choice.
  2. Change of institution: Some matriculated students do apply for JAMB again just to move from one school to another within Nigeria. Students in the first year in any polytecnic or college of education may want admission into universities. Base on this, students do write UTME again.Some students also change instution base on personal reasons, like slow academic calendar, high school fees, long distance and many more.
  3. Poor Performance In 100 Level: Some students, after performing so bad in their first semester examination in schools, many students will like to write another JAMB in order to start afresh in the school or another institution in Nigeria.

 Above, are few reasons why matriculated students do write another JAMB.

Now this is no longer possible. According to JAMB PRO, “Students with matriculation numbers of universities
are not eligible to sit for the UTME. If they are not satisfied with
their chosen disciplines, they can ask for transfer.”

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